Any Heroku users here?

So here’s the thing. I can’t seem to be able to sign up for a Heroku account. I’ve been trying to do so since yesterday with no luck. When I tried to create an account, I was redirected to this page:

I reached out to them via their support email ( only to receive an automated response saying that my email address was not associated with a Heroku account and that I should “log in” to submit a ticket. Obviously, that’s going to be a problem seeing as I don’t have an account yet. I did go over to their help and support site and tried to submit a ticket, but it seems like only users can submit a ticket.

I checked Heroku status, and none of their servers appeared to be down. After that, I tried to contact someone from Salesforce, but again, I also need to create an account to do that.

Many posts on Stack Overflow and Reddit suggested that this has been going on for weeks.

Tried signing up with a dummy email. I’m able to reach the password setting page. Do you reach till there?

Maybe one of their servers near your location is facing issue.

I’m not sure if they’re still doing some cleanup as a part of free dyno removal and inactive accounts deletion.

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Sorry for OT, but that stupid site has been the same exact way for me. Probably because I rejected its offer to invent my username. :roll_eyes: Totally gave up on that confusion which was like Myspace to me…

Heroku removed their free tier earlier this year.

Nah, it’s cool.

Are you referring to Stack Overflow, Reddit, or Heroku?

Nope. I just get redirected to that “Try again later” page every time. Tried with different email. Different browser. Nothing worked.

This is probably the case, though they sure did a poor job of making a public announcement if it were.

I was going to work on a Django project using Heroku, but oh well.

@sradjoker Indeed. But even if I wanted to actually pay for a plan, I’d have to be able to create an account first. It’s kind of silly when they leave people in this kind of “catch-22” situation. I have to have an account before I can ask for support, but to create an account, I need support.

It was Reddit. I did boldface that name into your earlier quotation in my post…

I could suggest Python Everywhere. Free tier is pretty limited, but probably similar to what Heroku offers. I used it for a hobby project around a year back.

Disclaimer : I don’t take any responsibility about the website and its data collection policies. If you do choose to host anything or pay for their service, make sure you read their policies to your satisfaction before using the service for anything remotely sensitive.

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