Any good Replacement for SDDM?

I love SDDM from a visuals perspective, its a gorgeous greeter/DM.

Being a Wayland user the issues I have with it though are

  1. Wayland Mode and Rootless X11 modes are either broken or buggy. Blur in wayland mode doesnt work and frequently the wayland mode wont even show up forcing a TTY swap and restarting sddm.

Rootless X11 while much better than wayland mode seems to cause some weird issues with Wayland and X11 sessions with me experiencing freezes, long pauses before session starts, etc.

  1. You absolute must use the git version to not hang when shutting down a wayland session. The current Arch pkg causes long shutdown delays for instance if you use it over git with a wayland session

  2. User Switching if a wayland session gets involved becomes…interesting, and more a game of praying you reaching the greeter at all

aside from wayland issues, the last release for SDDM was now over 2yrs ago which is of some concern considering its substantial wayland issues and problems with rootless x11

Right now Ive resorted to having no greeter/DM at all and starting plasma manually as GDM which is great for rootless/wayland pulls too many dependencies and breaks $PATH if you use it to login to wayland session with Plasma.

After the long explanation as to the what and why of my dilemma, is there anyone who might have a good alternative greeter/DM? Im largely looking for something to either run in wayland mode or reliably in rootless X11 mode.

I haven’t used any of these but they’re all supposed to support Wayland:

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wau interesting one… i mean really interesting!

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LightDM-Elephant looks interesting but doesnt have much work going

After looking into greetd it looks like kenny levinsen who worked on fractional scaling for wayland might be the hands behind that one. EDIT: also looks like they guy behind seatd too

Ill give greetd a try, it seems the most promising of those imo :grin::+1:

oh boy…greetd is a can of worms once you dig into it. It requires probably more setup than im willing to maintain :sweat_smile:

Ly unfortunately has only basic wayland support

emptty could be nifty but i could just run my session from terminal too (maybe a good or bad idea?)

ooff :laughing:

EDIT: Well shit, Im planning on doing bug reports for Plasma in regards to wayland and after looking into it reports that are for systems not using the supported setup wont be considered valid so looks like ill need to use SDDM to ensure my bug reports are good :upside_down_face:

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