Any FOV adjustment possible for Nexigo 690 possible?

I have an otherwise decent (for the price I got it at) Nexigo 690 webcam. It advertises an FOV (field of vision) of “up to 80 degrees”. I was interested in the “up to” part and am not sure why it was advertised so as I see no way to get a lower FOV.
I have cameractrls and v4l-utils as well as Guvcview installed but don’t see how to get what I want with these tools, though I’ve read cameractrls can help out with a Razor Kiyo Pro where you get settings to adjust HDR, field-of-view, and autofocus. These options are not present with the Nexigo.
On the Nexigo Suppport website’s FAQs there is a section under “How do I adjust the field of view if the webcam is showing too much on the sides?” Instructions are given using OBS Studio. I can follow up to “7.) In the bottom right, click “Start Virtual Camera.”” I see no option on my Linux OBS for starting virtual camera.
The OBS solution is a workaround, but not particularly elegant as OBS has to be opened for it to work. Also, details are given for Zoom but not for other video conferencing programs.
Just curious if anyone has found a decent solution for this.