Any alternatives to GreenWithEnvy?

Hi. I want to use wayland, but currently stuck with X11 because GWE (greenwithenvy) can’t communicate with ny nVidia card through XWayland. Also I saw that the developer of GWE is starting to slow down developing that app, because he’s gonna switch to AMD soon and he’s looking for maintainers:

But to be honest, I’d love some alternative, I don’t really want to wait for the maintainer switch, because imho that’s not gonna be the same as it was maintained by the original author.

So for me the main goal is to have a fan curve system (such as I have now in gwe), so that I can manually tweak when the fans spin up and when to stop down to 0, that is wayland compatible, and proven works.

This is what I found so far, but maybe I did something wrong, it doesn’t seem to work for me,

So if anyone has experience with it, tell me, or any other alternatives :slight_smile:

I’m using Plasma.

You can try:

It’s in the AUR.

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Thanks I’m gonna give it a try, I hope it’s wayland compatible :slight_smile:

Ok it seems that’s gonna work, thanks, its really nice to always have a plan ‘B’ :slight_smile:

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