Another Wayland VS. X 👀 Thread



Linux moving forward to Immutable distros is far more nauseating, frustrating, scary, cheap, stupid, and not-at-all-thought out than this.
Wayl/X is small potatoes compared to this awful course.
2 cents

editing to say I did read your article. this is what Fedora does and can afford to do, it would not shock me if they offered an X11 Gnome as well (developed by who would be the question) but RHEL is a nation-state like Lichtenstein or Rome.
Don’t think the meaningless chant got by me either, in this article, of wayland devs: “If not now, then when?”
they’ve never tried to hide it was a transition for the sake of transition.
not my fight though.

if the Gnome stack and all the wonderful things gnome does and innovations it offers (even as a base for budgie, cinnamon, etc) is not fundamentally changed…then I still got no horse.

when I got into linux I was riveted and read a couple years by the systemd/init debate where both were satan and both saviors depending on POV…I’ve run both. As a moron, I can’t tell the difference.
Hat tip to inits for speed but hat tips to systemd for pinpoint service control.

real short non-waxing readable version: it all comes out in the wash?


Wayland needs to be baked for another year, but if fedora drops X and embraces Wayland things will likely happen quickly. When released in April, I’ll buy a case a beer and pull up my chair to the screen for the show.


Most people that use Fedora seem to already be using Wayland. X11 will become a “legacy thing for advanced users” I guess.

Wayland is not ready, this push is too premature.

Systems like Silverblue, VanillaOS, MicroOS, etc? Yeah, not a good trend to push these as the future. I’m pretty sure they are also imperative systems.

Declarative/functional systems like NixOS? Best operating system design concept I have ever seen, but it’s not for everyone’s taste still.

Imperative immutable systems are immutable-first, and need to restrict your user freedom and power for their design to work I assume.
Declarative systems have expression-based system administration first in mind and immutability is just a side effect (pun intended), but the declarative nature lets you keep full control and power alongside unique capabilities.


if I was smart enough to get my printer/scanner/peripherals recognized (evidently I was not) I would have stayed with the highly secure spartan Alpine OS. It’s between LFS and Nix–it’s own package manager etc. Nix oversees their repo too, and innovative.
My distro vanished at the beginning of year (it came back) so I auditioned dozens until Endeavour. Couldn’t get the NIX iso on bare metal (I don’t VM, I freestyle installs :grinning:) so passed. I was curious though.
MODS: sorry to digress

Following the suckless philosophy, Fedora will drop X11… :rofl: :rofl:

You’re right, Nix OS is a beautiful system. Systems like Vanilla OS though? No, I think that immutable distros are solutions looking for problems

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“We’ll curate a couple base packages but then you’re on your own after that.”
flatpak search firefox

Rest in Pieces Fedora KDE user, now they can no longer play Baldur’s Gate 2 (2000) in stretched 4:3 800x600 resolution. Literally unusable.

Joke aside, It’s good that Fedora and Gnome team to push wayland, it is gonna be Gnome Shell 3.0 “fight” again, many will screaming and clinging to X11, but we have to move forward with Wayland and stop using X11.

The push is premature, because it never will be “mature” because people (and more importantly big corpo’s software) still clinging to use X11.

We need to rip the bandaids now, and it will be painful.

just my 2 dabloons.

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Seems more and more inevitable. Been running Wayland for a bit now in anticipation of that and it’s OK for my needs. Hopefully, development will accelerate as it becomes the standard.


This is really cool

I also have heard Wayland uses less power and CPU (benchmarks tested on kde and gnome). I really just need Wayland to be good for screen tearing and screen RGB balance and then I can finally switch, but i know at least the RGB balance functionality will take a really long time to make it to desktops.

Hopefully with more and more teams working on it, it will perhaps cover most of use cases for majority of users in not so a distant future.

Personally, I have been using GNOME-Wayland for some time with no issues. But my use case is far from those of superusers and my setups are quite simple :blush: