Another issue triggered by the latest update

Moving this here from here as per joekamprad’s suggestion. (Don’t wanna ping you. I’m sure you’re getting enough of those right now. And you’ll most likely see this anyways)

I seem to be having very different symptoms from others with the latest update. After the update all open windows instantly closed as if I’d just logged in. I rebooted and was greeted with this:

Loading Linux linux ...
Loading initial ramdisk ...
error: file `/boot/initramfs-linux.img' not found.
Press any key to continue ...

Pressing “any key” does nothing

I have zen, lts, and linux kernels and this occurs with all of them and their fallbacks.

I’ve arch-chrooted via live usb, downgraded, upgraded, dracut-rebuild and nothing has worked. The .img files in question do in fact exist inside the boot directory. Though I don’t think they were there until I followed the recommendations to downgrade on the above linked thread.

Any suggestions?