Angelfish browser

As a change from Chrome and Firefox I’ve been using Angelfish for a couple of days. Angelfish is a web browser intended for Plasma Mobile, but runs well on a KDE desktop. I don’t have a KDE mobile to try it there. It’s mobile-first and based on qtwebengine/blink. Angelfish is a refreshing change from the bloat of Chrome and Firefox.

I find it’s a nice clean browser with a couple of quirks (going from tab to tab is a little movement intensive), but seems to work well for my simple needs. As long as you realize the interface is designed for a mobile (think finger maneuvers; plenty of mouse movements) it’s pretty straight forward to use. I use the mouse a lot and my biggest complaint is lack of keyboard commands. If there were a keyboard command module available as an add-on it would be very usable on the desktop.

Angelfish is available in the AUR if you want to give it a try. I’m not ready to give up Chrome and Firefox, but it is an alternative.

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I also quite like Seahorse.

Angelfish is a Chromium-based browser. So nothing new there, there are hundreds of Chromium-based browsers.


Currently not many choices of active web engines; WebKit, Blink, or Geco. Or forks of these three.