Android phone as an headphones bridge, for PC audio and mic

[PC] <–??–> [Android] <----> [Bluetooth Earbuds]

What options do we currently have on setuping phone to work as an audio device + microphone ?

I have earbuds and would like to stay them connected to phone all the time. But at the same I want to hear PC audio and have a microphone earbuds provide as well.

It is not possible to setup earbuds to connect to both sources at the same time. So I was thinking to allow PC to send audio to phone and receive mic to PC.

When I was using WindowsOS, I used VBAN protocol to send audio by IP packets. It worked quite well (having in mind to set enough of audio delay to avoid audio distortions). For the microphone I used Mumble at the same time as VBAN. This setup is not comfortable to setup each time, but works. If you have enough wifi access-points in your home, you can walk freely in wifi range with phone in your pockets and hear audio from PC without big issues.

What options do we currently have for this on Linux ? Solutions can be paid license software.

Edit: AudioRelay seems promising, currently checking it out. Available in AUR and Android.

I’m not sure about microphone, but I just got done experimenting with sending audio over the network. One way I tried was doing it manually with ffmpeg.
I also tried using the pipewire modules to do it,
and finally this flatpak I saw

In the end, I gave up, because I didn’t wanna fiddle with getting audio synced up with whatever I was watching. I also use sunshine and moonlight as basically a remote desktop solution these days even though that isn’t its intended use, but somehow they send video and audio over the network perfectly in sync. I wanna figure out how they are doing that.

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AudioRelay works pretty well bidirectionally.

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