Android File Transfer

Hey All - I’m trying to transfer music to my pixel 2. Once I install AFT and connect the phone, it shows folders, but no files, and I cannot actually transfer files.

Has anyone else run into this problem, or know of a better way to do this? I do prefer a graphical way of dragging and dropping files.

Thank you!

Android phones need permission to access device resources.

Be sure that the Android has permission to access files. May not be the problem, but something good to check. Not sure how to do that on your particular phone.


Try kdeconnect. Works great.
USB has been hit or miss for me ever since Google cracked down on USB file transfer.

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Might need package android-udev.
I have also android-tools, but that shouldn’t be needed for file transfer.
And a normal file manager can be used.

Oh, and set the Android phone to MTP (or similar) file transfer mode.

For my local network I use Cx File Explorer. Works great. Simply install it on your phone, set up your connection and it just works. Free (like in free beer) and ad free.
Other viable ways are :
Airdroid / Airdroid web on PC
Superbeam (I think Pro needed for use with PC)