Android Emulator Problems (SO_REUSEPORT)


I’m having trouble getting the Emulator to work in Android Studio on my new machine running Endeavour. The error i’m getting is when i start up the emulator is:-

21:48 Emulator: E0521 21:48:13.006881980 8615] check for SO_REUSEPORT: {“created”:"@1590094093.006870472",“description”:“SO_REUSEPORT unavailable on compiling system”,“file”:"/mnt/tmpfs/src/android/emu-master-dev/external/grpc/src/core/lib/iomgr/",“file_line”:169}

I’m running Android Studio 3.6.3 and SDK Platform Tools 30.0.1 together with the latest build of Endeavour.

I’ve had a look around and found a few others who have had a similar issue with Ubuntu but no solutions.

Is it possible to enable SO_REUSEPORT ? Has something changed recently (i didn’t have this issue on my old machine a few months back) ?

Thanks in advance.