Android boot loop

im terribly sorry for bringing this to this forum, i dont have any other place i know i could really go for for help for this.
my problem here is, i recently bought a beat pinephone, as a result of this i wanted to flash my previous phone and put e foundations version on it (im using samsung galaxy a7 with this guide from their website:
it was all going perfectly fine until step 7 of " Installing a custom recovery", i was unable to boot into said recovery, my phone is now on a constant bootloop (will never go past the device name with powered by nox at the bottom, not the samsung logo which most guides think about).
so my question is fellow users, is it possible to safe this phone? and perpasp put another version on it? (doesnt have to be from e foundation, any linux distro that isnt manjaro will also do)

a bit of additional info is, it wont reboot normaly, only with the power button and volume down pressed, running out of battery and charging it has the same effect.

If you can get into bootloader or if its qualcomm based edl mode yeah you can save it.

The exact steps i really dont know but youll need a system img and get into bootloader to fastboot flash it somehow

any other option than the soft reset volume down option does not work since i cant get past the device name splash screen

TBH idk im not familiar with that device. You should probably ask on a forum with folks familiar with your device. There are many different android modding/development forums out there

well, thank you for your help regardless, it appears e foundation has their own forum (dont know how i missed that)
while im not too keen on making yet another account somewhere, hopefully they might have the help i ndeed.

Another idea, if you are interested, is to use LineageOS.
Your Samsung phone is supported:
There are also lots of information available on those pages.

In addition, there’s the XDA pages which also contain lots of information:

Note that if you like to try LineageOS, please check that the XDA link is the correct one (there are lots of Samsung links!), I only quickly searched it.

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update: i did turn to e foundation but in the end, i am not much further than before, i was able to install twrp, but it was stuck in the same boot loop (only to show the twrp screen for a short moment)
eventually it booted, but i tried another step from over there and i am right back to the boot loop.

i cant post further replies over there for 20 hours, so my current plan is to hope twrp eventually breaks out of the loop again, boots and lets me install lineage, if that fails, repeat the process and do a factory reset.

currently im not exactly hopeful twrp will ever manage to boot again
the forum post for all additional info:

is their no other way to flash to samsung devices these days unless you use odin/heimdall? back in the old days you could still do fastboot commands and such like other qualcomm devices.

You may get a bootloop if you dont wipe userdata have you done that?

Unfortunately a lot of the things that can help with Android are Windows specific. Or, at the very least Debian/Ubuntu based. I had to install a Debian based distro to install CalyxOS on my Pixel 4xl, it didn’t work on Arch.