An issue about installing AUR packages

Hi, everyone. I got an issue when installing some of AUR packages. Some of the AUR packages need a long time to install, and need to input the password to complete the installation. And it would only wait about 30 seconds for me to input the password, or the installation would fail. It’s impossiable to wait beside the keyboard (some packages need hours to install). Is there a way to input password before the waiting?
I’ve tried input redirection and expect scripts, but it seems that they don’t work for the situation.

Typically, much of the work the package has undertaken up to the point of requesting a password, remains. So if you simply repeat the installation, you’ll likely be prompted for the password much quicker.

Note though, if you choose to “Clean” the install when asked initially, any work it has previously done, will be deleted.

I guess you could add --sudoloop to your install command line:

–sudoloop Loop sudo calls in the background to avoid timeout

See: yay --help

If you want to make this permanent, you could save it to the yay config:

yay --sudoloop --save

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For some packages, the installations keep re-downloading dependencies from internet ( for example neo4j-community, it runs “mvn package” and re-download the jars everytime). For some other packages, the installations include the compilations and would take hours.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Edit: It seemsthat it doesn’t work for the situation. The installation restarts from the beginning when it reaches the end.

Can you share the full output so we can see what you are referring to?

The output is too long, I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to post it here. It’s a maven managed project, so it looks like:

[INFO] Building Neo4j - Parent 5.20.0 [1/141]
[INFO] Building Neo4j - Annotation processors 5.20.0 [2/141]

[INFO] Building Neo4j - Community Server Assembler 5.20.0 [140/141]
[INFO] Building Neo4j - Packaging Build 5.20.0 [141/141]
[INFO] Building Neo4j - Parent 5.20.0 [1/141]
[INFO] Building Neo4j - Annotation processors 5.20.0 [2/141]