An apropriate way to install vivaldi through - command line or

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is it an apropriate way to install vivaldi through this way and method:


install Vivaldi Using wget and APT

To install Vivaldi using wget and APT, first, make sure wget is present on your computer. For this, open the terminal and run the following command:

wget --version

If this returns a version number, it means wget is available on your system, and you can proceed to the next step. In case you don’t see a version number, you can install wget using the following command:

sudo apt install wget

With wget installed, the next step is to add the public key of the Vivaldi repository to your system. To do this, run the following commands in the terminal:

wget -qO- apt-key add

Now, add the repository for Vivaldi with:

or are there some other - easier methods out there?

yay -S vivaldi


add the herecura repo from here:
It is maintained by Ike Devolder aka ‘BlackIkeEagle’ who is also an Arch package maintainer (officially named Trusted User), he has packages in there that won’t make it to the official arch repo’s due to several (mostly license and personal flavor) reasons.
After that you can install vivaldi like any other package with pacman.

You can already install the vivaldi package with pacman (or yay) - it’s in the Arch repos.

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interesting. Completely missed that. In the past it was only available in Ike’s repo.

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It was added to the Arch repos a couple of years ago.

You can’t use apt in :enos:. apt is the package manager for debian/ubuntu based systems.
Most tutorials on the internet are written for ubuntu based systems since its the most popular distro out there.
To search for methods for arch-linux which :enos: is based on you need to add arch linux to your websearch, like:

How to install vivaldi on arch linux

Arch Linux uses pacman as the package manager. Most of the software is either in the arch repos or in the AUR. You can use yay which is an AUR helper to install packages in the AUR.




Still the same as 6 month’s ago.




sudo apt remove archlinux { --force no-view } | //<>//


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