An appeal to common decency

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As you know, the vast majority of Linux distros and open-source software projects are run by enthusiasts, who are keeping the dynamics alive and giving back to this wonderful community. EndeavourOS is no exception in this.

Since the launch of our net-installer, our community is steadily growing with enthusiastic Linux lovers all over the world and we are very grateful to welcome you all.

The number of community members that are involved with the general development of the project is also growing and thanks to them, development is taking a stride in progress.

Recently, we came across with a couple of community members that had great ideas for the project but already started their initiative without consulting us. They just notified us about the existence of the project without giving us a chance to get acquainted with the project or the person behind it.

I know, what you might think, legally we have no ground to stand on, we had to put our affairs in order before we began and the intentions are coming from a good place.

I want to make clear that we don’t doubt the intentions, it is the way of handling that we have a problem with.

EndeavourOS is a modest project with an equal amount of resources. Soon our yearly bill will arrive for the infrastructure and the donations we gratefully received won’t cover that one. Rest assured, we did calculate this in our future plan, so EndeavourOS won’t turn black in the near future.

Having explained that, you must understand that there aren’t any financial resources to protect the brand legally and claim every international domain name in the world.

If you have an idea that might improve EndeavourOS, whether if it is a social media presence, a translated website or anything. We kindly ask you to use common decency to talk with us before you act.

We are open to any idea out there but with communication and common decency, our door and our ears will be wide open for you.

As an end note, I refer you to an article I wrote in December, that explains our plans for 2020.

In preparation to enter 2020

I’d be interested to know what the interlopers are doing. Or perhaps not!

I too am curious, full disclosure seems like a good policy.

Dear Bryan,

This is none of my business but I hope that you’ll take this post in the spirit in which it is intended.

I fully agree with everything you have written here but I have one thing to say: when someone clicks on EndeavourOS’s main site the first thing that person will see is “An Appeal to Common Decency”.

Personally I think that, for someone interested in finding out more about EndeavourOS and seeing that on the main screen. well, that would be most uninviting. Basically it says that people using this distro do not have common decency! If I were to see something like that on some site in which I was interested, I would close it out ASAP!

I suggest that you replace that “introduction” on the main page quickly and try to always feature something attractive there, something that will pique the interest of anyone navigating to the main page.

This is just my thought - I have waited a number of days before writing this because I did not want to upset you or anyone else (I had hoped that that main page would have been changed) and I hope that you’ll regard this post as just a well-meaning suggestion, not a criticism of you (or anyone else). I am certain that you know how much I appreciate all that you and the developers do.

Thank you.



Well, I only just now ran across this topic, and see that nothing else has been posted the last 17 days. I hope things were resolved. I personally started using EndeavourOS after seeing an interview with Bryan on (I think) Destination Linux 6 or so months ago. I had used Antergos in the past, but wasn’t heavily invested in it, as even a while back I was worried about the stability of its underlying support and development. I had been using ArcoLinux the last year and a half or so, but for similar reasons - it was dependent heavily on its founder/developer - wanted to find an Arch based distro with a more stable future. Having witnessed the demise of Antergos and a few others like Slackware (still around, but floundering), I was impressed with Bryan’s expose on EndeavourOS, its foundations and goals. I have been impressed with the overall responsiveness and friendliness on this forum, and hope that the project continues to be successful. Toward that end, I’m at least trying to meagerly contribute donations on a regular basis, as I don’t have the time - as an old retired admin/programmer - to contribute in a technical way. I just want Bryan and the other developers to know that you have indeed grabbed at least my attention, and hope that whatever prompted this topic had been resolved. Carry on, and good luck.


Thank you for the nice words and help, in any form, is always welcome.

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