AMD RDNA3 Fan Control Options? (7000 series Cards.)

Recently upgraded my GPU to a Radeon RX 7600 XT
For the longest time on my RX 5600XT I would use the standard amdgpu-fan from the aur via yay and have a custom fan curve set up.

For whatever reason even after doing a fresh install the fans will stay at 0RPM and even though the service is running and operational, the fans won’t start until it reaches around 65-70 degrees C, and it doesn’t seem to be applying the appropriate fan curve for those temperatures either from what I’m seeing in the terminal command “watch sensors” or apps like Psensor.

I’ve only found a few posts regarding this, but is there any easy solution/current way of controlling the fan curve properly with these RDNA3 7000 series cards from AMD?

Most of what I’ve found is using stuff like hwmon and manual scripts, which I can tinker around and try to figure it out, but if there’s an easier solution to this with a different script/service already available it’d be good to know.

Alternatives I’ve tried already:

  • CoreCtrl
  • LACT
  • TuxClocker
  • Radeon-Profile
  • amdgpu-fan via aur/yay

All to which have the same results of not setting the proper fan curve and still having this 0 RPM until it hits above 60ish degrees C.

Any help or suggestions is much appreciated here, thanks!

I haven’t tried these but these maybe worth a look at, I think one you already mentioned is in that list.

Fan control for 7000 series GPUs was only added in recent kernel versions. You need at least kernel 6.7 for it to work at all. But even then it is not up to par to the fan control support of 6000 series GPUs yet (e.g. controling fan stop doesn’t seem to work yet).

For CoreCtrl you have to wait until version 1.4 is released (or compile it yourself). More info here:

TuxClocker should already have support for it according to the release notes.

Thank you for this response.

I have tried TuxClocker and LACT with the OverClock mode enabled to see that the fancurve does indeed apply after it get’s passed the Zero RPM area with both of these options.

I’m on Kernel 6.7.9 using KDE Plasma 6, I went and tried the card on a Windows machine with the Gigabyte Control Center software, as well as the AMD official adrenaline software which both have the option to turn Zero RPM off and set the values for the fans curve.

I’ve seen others mention about this with RDNA3 cards where they just use a converter of sorts for the GPU fans and plug it into a standard motherboard PWM controller for fan control that way with these cards.

This is probably one of the strangest scenarios I’ve seen in Linux thus far where Windows has a feature that Linux does not, then again I’ve always ran on older/cheaper hardware and this is my first time using something newer.

For now the temps don’t seem to be too much of a problem, and with LACT/TuxClocker (using LACT atm,) and just letting the Zero RPM do it’s thing, when it hits around 55-60C then the fans kick in at the curve set to cool it down when it hits those temps at the appropriate RPM speed; might look into some alternative liquid cooling solution for the GPU later on that doesn’t need to involve the GPU’s fan control for convenience.

Thanks again for the information regarding this, much appreciated!

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