AMD Hybrid and VGA pass-through


I have a question in regards to AMD Hybrid and VGA pass-trhough.
The goal is to have only EndeavorOS and have my dual boot Windows start as a VM in VGA pass-trough mode.

My system is currently an AMD one with

  • CPU: Ryzen 2700X
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon RX580

The lowest cost effort is to replace the CPU with the AMD Ryzen 7 5700G, which contains a integrated GPU and is still supported on my motherboard. Upgrading to a newer CPU will be costly since the system needs to be fully upgraded.

The Questions:
With the new setup I will have the integrated graphics and the dedicated one.

  1. Will my Linux OS support this?
  2. Will hybrid mode use the integrated one for normal work and switch to the dedicated one if I want it to for my Linux gaming?
  3. Will I be able to do a VGA pass-through to a Windows 10 VM in order to be able to work and maybe game on it?
  4. If all of this is possible how stable can I expect this to be? I am asking because the machine is also a work machine for my coding job.
  5. Any documentation or walkthrough?
  6. Has someone done this before withe above or similar set up?


Normally, yes. Not all HW/SW combinations have absolutely predictable behavior.

Same answer as in 2.

“Stable” is a subjective description. Also read 2.

A professional (who feeds his home/family) should anyway have a contingency plan, like frequent and confident backup, secondary tools/computer, etc. Playing games (without the question setup) is itself an adequate source of troubles for home PCs. At the end, the one that sets priorities and rules can be found at the nearest mirror :wink:

Have you searched Archwiki? I think I have seen an article about pass-through.
I have never done any pass-through setup. Sorry. OTOH, several others have posted about it, here or on the web. Maybe someone will answer shortly. :person_shrugging:

It should work. This is the guide you’re going to want to read through:
Once you’ve read through that you can get additional info/help from this Reddit:
And additional info/help from this Discord:

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@KDen Thank you very much for the valuable links.
They contain very useful information which might allow me to try it out.
The only thing missing is to buy the processor with integrated graphics and try it out.
Much appreciated

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