AMD GPU not detected in Blender for Cycles rendering

I just switched from a GTX 1050 Ti to an RX 6600 XT. I did a fresh install of EOS to try to prevent driver overlap issues, and after doing so Blender doesn’t detect my GPU.

I have confirmed, to the best of my ability, that my AMD GPU, Vulkan, and Mesa drivers are fully up to date (including using the upstream build for the AMD GPU drivers), and have tried looking for a solution to the problem online but with no luck so far.

System log:

Have you set up and installed other packages for amdgpu for hardware acceleration etc? Also 32 bit files?

Edit: I don’t have any experience with blender but i can install it and seems to be working. :man_shrugging:

Have you installed the opencl drivers?

opencl-amd 1:5.6.0-2

For me it then looks like this:

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-08-21 17-08-23

I didn’t have the hardware video acceleration packages installed. However, doing so had no impact on the problem as far as I could see.

Edit: I did reboot the system after installing the packages, to be safe.

I don’t even know how to use Blender. Where do you open this window? Just curious if it shows my RX590?

Go to Edit in the top left corner, then click Preferences. On the left side of the Preferences window, click System and select HIP.

I have the same and i did install opencl.

This is strange because after installing OpenCL as per @mbod’s recommendation, the issue does seem to be fixed. I can now wander off to the Blender forums to annoy them with my complaints vis a vis HIP RT! Huzzah!

Hmm? That’s strange as i did just install it and i even rebooted. :thinking:

Oh, wait, you have an RX 590, right? That’s Polaris. One generation behind Vega, which means hardware-accelerated raytracing isn’t supported. AMD’s definitely been a bit loose with their Blender support, which is why I was planning on going Intel until the Pro A60 pulled a disappearing act. Otherwise, 12 gigs of GDDR6 on a 192-bit bus for the pittance of 175 USD would’ve had me and many other professionals foaming at the mouth.

You are right I need at least 5000 series correct? I do have a new RX6750 waiting for a new system so that will work. :wink:

You need anything that uses Vega or RDNA. So RX Vega will, unsurprisingly, work just fine, as will something like a Radeon VII. But for raytracing, RX 6000 or above is needed, since those are the only ones with hardware-accelerated raytracing.

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I just wish i knew how to use Blender. :laughing:

It’s actually not particularly difficult to learn! I learned it in around a week or so. Obviously growing as an artist is a lifelong journey, but picking up the foundational basics of Blender is super quick and easy with a good tutorial, like this one from Blender Guru, which is what I used. And 3d art can be a great way to supplement your income so you can buy old supercomputer hardware off eBay and then put it to off-label uses that neither God nor AMD ever intended for it.

I was never very good at art. To learn how to use blender in a week or so is a significant achievement. Maybe you should open a Topic on Blender and post some of your work? :thinking:

Edit: I guess maybe you need Blender and know how to use it to actually look at it? So maybe not such a good idea. :man_shrugging:

Well, I wouldn’t be posting the project files, but the final renders.

Here’s an example of something simple I threw together in an afternoon so I could get back into the swing of doing a project from start to finish, especially materials. It was a fun little thing that helped me find my rhythm before going back to work.

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That’s pretty cool that you can do that using Blender. :wink:

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You can do basically anything using Blender, if you’re willing to torture yourself enough. One of these days we’re gonna see a Linux distro that runs entirely in Blender shaders.

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