AMD AMF Not showing up on OBS

So, I want to do some recording and streaming using OBS and the AMF encoder, however, the option is not showing up.

I installed EndeavourOS a week ago with the Artemis Nova ISO. I used a minimal installation and then installed Hyprland (a tiling wayland compositor based on wlroots). I did some ricing and setup, and I’m loving EndeavourOS.
Here are my PC specs. It’s a pretty new PC and it’s my first time with AMD GPUs and AMD CPUs

Kernel: linux-zen
DE: Hyprland
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D (16) @ 3.400GHz
GPU: Sapphire NITRO+ AMD Radeon™ RX 6800 XT SE
RAM: 16GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz

Here is a list of packages that I have installed in relation to OBS/AMD AMF: amf-amdgpu-pro, vulkan-amdgpu-pro, lib32-vulkan-amdgpu-pro, amf-headers, amf-amdgpu-pro, amdvlk, obs-streamfx-unstable, obs-studio-amf, vulkan-radeon, amd-vulkan-prefixes, ffmpeg.

So, here is the problem: When i open obs (using vk_pro obs so amf works) and go to Settings>Output>Streaming>Encoder, the only options that appear are x264 and FFMPEG VAAPI H.264 (No HEVC or AMF options). Same thing on Settings>Output>Recording>Encoder.

Here are the obs logs:

EDIT: Please, also suggest encoder alternatives if you know any better hardware accelerated encoder.