AMD 5000 G series processors

Finally AMD 5000 G series processors are out with onboard Graphics. They now have stock here locally and for those wanting decent graphics without spending a fortune on hard to get graphics cards. They have finally arrived.


I’ve been reading some reviews, for integrated graphics, the 5700G is pretty darn beefy. Easily beats the 1030 (usually) that’s always compared to integrated graphics, and basically nearly ties a GTX 1050 (non ti) in performance in a decent amount of games.

only one bad point : no ECC possible

technically you cant to ECC on the other 5000 series processors…but we know thats a lie

The answer from AMD unofficially was “yes, Ryzen 5000 series will support ECC but it also depend on the motherboard please check
with them.”

Edit: But my understanding is the APU requires the pro series.