Alt+tab not changing active application

Hi, I have EOS with the budgie desktop environment.

After a recent update alt+tab (switch applications) has not been working properly. When I do it, it will only change which window that is visible, but the previous window is still active. Meaning if I have the terminal open and switch to the browser and start typing, I will be typing into the terminal although I am seeing the browser.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this?

it looks they are on this over there. if indeed this is the same issue as yours.

I’ve had the exact same problem since updating budgie-desktop last time:

[2024-01-30T07:28:09+0100] [ALPM] upgraded budgie-desktop (10.8.2-4 -> 10.9-1)

However, I found 2 bug reports in the Budgie issues tracker, and both seem to be closed with reference to version 10.9.1, which is not available at the moment.

A little patience seems to be required.

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Thank you! Yes, indeed looks like the same problems as I have. Then I will just have to wait.

Downgrading to 10.8.2 alt least solved the problem, while I am waiting for the patch.

10.9.1 is out :slight_smile:

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