Alt+Space like plasma available in budgie?

I am trying budgie. Regular plasama user here. Is there something similar to alt+space or any other widgets like that??

alt+F2 launches the Budgie equivalent to krun. The keybinding can be customized in the settings under “keyboard shortcuts.” I don’t think it searches files though.

There are also a few launchers in the Budgie Desktop settings that can be added to the task bar.

You could install some other application launcher similar to krun then add an alt+space keyboard shortcut to it through settings:


yeah I am going with Rofi launcher. I will try alt+f2

If you miss file search try this out alongside rofi.
yay -S rofi-file-browser-extended-git
As an example to look into directories only until depth 3
rofi -show file-browser-extended -file-browser-depth 3
this may be assigned to a different shortcut

And if Rofi doesn’t turn out to be the right fit for you, what works for me is cerebro.

It includes file search and can launch your browser with your preferred search engine.

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Interesting. I will check this out :slight_smile: