Allow multiple LUKS password attempts


On system startup when a LUKS password is typed wrong the system does not give the opportunity for a second attempt. After a wrong password gives something about accessing grub. Can provide exact message if necessary. If need to create

You probably have an encrypted /boot, so no, it’s not possible to have multiple attempts. You’ll have to live with it.

BTW, if you set up an unencrypted /boot, grub will allow multiple attempts.


you can have another chance when you issue

cryptomount (hdx,gpty)

at grub rescue where x and y have to be replace to match your setup. After you enter your passphrase successfully you have to enter

insmod normal

and then


in order to boot to grub.

As far as I know and as @2000 pointed already out there is no other way when using an encrypted boot.



Ah that makes sense. Didn’t partition manually during install.

Finally just checked in gparted. The boot partition is not encrypted. It is a fat32 300 MB partition.

This is probably your EFI partition which needs to be and therefore always is unencrypted. Your /boot folder containing the initramfs and your kernel image(s) can be and in your case most certainly is encrypted and needs to be unlocked to load the system. With this type of setup you only get one password attempt.

So, sorry, the problem with the single password attempt persists with this kind of setup.

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No problem. Really isn’t a problem. Would have encrypted boot partition anyways if had a choice. Used automatic Endeavor encrypted partition setup. Thank you. Have never worked with a manual install of any type on a UEFI Bios until now with Endeavor (sorry if wrong terminology.)

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