All X11/Xorg DE sessions display a slightly darker color cursor than Wayland

Synopsis: In X11 (Plasma) my cursor is darker than it should be, in GNOME Wayland it renders the color correctly. yet whenever I take a screenshot in X11 plasma it renders the color for my cursor correctly yet I can’t find a way to make it render my cursor color correctly. The cursor ONLY renders correctly in GNOME Wayland and nothing else. (This includes practically every DE ran under X11 and Xorg.)
Any ideas for a potential fix? I didn’t have this issue with my Nvidia GTX 1070, but with my Radeon RX 6800 XT this issue persists across every desktop environment excluding Wayland. (This doesn’t apply to Xwayland as Xwayland still gives me the dark cursor issue.) I have tried other distributions yet, they all have the same issue. GNOME (Wayland) doesn’t have this issue.

swapping to Wayland is preferably not an option, as I, unlike a vast majority or people, use a Screensaver and I do not believe a Screensaver exists for Wayland unfortunately. and I like KDE Plasma over GNOME and pretty much everything else.
note: the cursor to the left is how it SHOULD be displayed over the right. in system screenshots do not capture the issue.