Alienware command center

hello i use endovour os on my old lenovo laptop but this year i got an upgrade and i bought a alienware m15R2 i would like to know if there is any way for me to install endevour os and keep all the alienware command center and all of the rgb?

you have to check the aur for that:

yay alienware

there are some tools.

this you also peaked at i gues :slight_smile:

You can fire up an Endeavour OS ISO and play around in the live session, install packages and see what works and what not before installing to SSD.
RGB in a form or other is nowadays generally supported with help of varius vendor specific tools.
You might find some reddit post describing some owner’s experience on using Linux on your specific model and you can start from there. Normally AUR has got you covered once you know what to search for.

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