Alienware AW3420 - can't set to 2560x1440 - black screen

What is the problem?
When I try to change my resolution to 2560x1440 (at any refresh rate), I get a black screen that will reset back to 3440x1440 after 20 seconds.

Current setup?
My hardware:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
  • GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT
  • RAM: 32gb
  • Monitor: Alienware AW3420DW - Displayport

My config:

  • OS: EndeavourOS rolling x86_64
  • Kernel: Linux 6.9.4-arch1-1
  • Display (DELA149): 3440x1440 @ 120Hz
  • DE: GNOME 46.2
  • WM: Mutter (Wayland)

Why do I want to change resolution?
I want to have larger text and elements on my desktop, but I don’t want to use fractional scaling as it causes blurring. 200% scale is just too much.

What have I tried?
Multiple distros - same results
X11 or Wayland? - same results
Windows 10/11 - No issues with changing the resolution

Xrandr shows (amongst many others):
2560x1440 (0x3ca) 661.250MHz -HSync +VSync
h: width 2560 start 2784 end 3064 total 3568 skew 0 clock 185.33KHz

The option to change to 2560x1440 shows in Settings/Display.

Current research seems to point more towards what to do when @ install. I am past that.

I appreciate any help.

Change font sizes.

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