Alacritty vs terminator

what you prefer terminator phyton
or alactritty or something different

For what I use a terminal for, Lxterminal or Mate terminal does fine for me.


my goal pyradio on terminator from qtile bar
mabox have this in os but this is openbox

Alacritty in every day BSPWM mode; Tilix when DE

Alacritty does the job and it has alacritty-themes, AUR package, to change the colorscheme every now and then.

Konsole is, in my opinion, the best terminal emulator in existence. It’s not only very fast, but nothing comes close to it regarding features. However, Konsole pulls half of the KDE as a dependency, so in that regard, it’s not ideal.

Whenever I don’t have KDE installed, I use Alacritty, which is the second best TE I’ve every used.


I use terminator. My main use case is the window split. I want to have only one terminal window and in that one window I have all terminals open in a split view. tilix is doing the same, but I like terminator more.

gnome-terminal is using TABs instead. I find that not optimal. I like split view more.
konsole is doing split view and TABs, but I dont want to use too much KDE/qt stuff.

And alacritty is neither doing TABs nor split view. Therefor it is not for me.


I prefer Konsole on KDE Plasma and Kitty on other DE’s. Alacritty is great and super light but I need tabs so often that I don’t like to use it as my daily driver.

Alacritty + tmux for me on qtile (and plasma).

I looked at kitty. It also has split view. tabs etc. But it does not seem to have a GUI / mouse integration. With terminator I can do a right mouse click and get a menu with preferences, themes, profiles, etc.