Akregator: Symboltray dont work

As I described. Symboltray from Akregator (FeedReader) doesnt work.
It is displayed in the system tray, but I can only close Akregator. Maximizing/Restoring from Akregator does not work. I thought I’d wait to see if it was fixed with Plasma 6.0.2, but it’s not.

Has anyone noticed anything similar?

I had some weird issues in Haruna last night and solve the issue by delteting my old config. It seems they’d slightly changed the interface that stopped my setup from working.

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Thanks, i will check later when im back home.

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Yes I’ve run across a lot of little bugs that are just left overs from the update. Most of them fixed in seconds with the changing of a setting or by removing the old config

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That sounds promising. It’s actually logical too :wink:

It’s that simple. Why didn’t I think of that :sweat_smile:

Just deleted all the files located in $USER/.local/share/akregator then importated my feeds again and it works as it should.

Thanks @smokey for the thought-provoking impulse :handshake:

EDIT: Startet a second time with my feeds importet and still no reaction on the symboltray.

Have to think about it later

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@smokey there was a akregatorrc file in ./config loceted. Deleted that i have to configure all the akregator new. But it seems to work now

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Nice, I hope it keeps working for you.

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I think so. Exit works. Opening and closing also works. I have tried it several times now and it still works as it should.
Who knows what was written in the old akregatorrc file.

Thanks again !

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