Akregator mixes feeds up

hey, i have noticed a very strange behavior of akregator with me. since two days akregator ‘shuffles’ all feeds. as you can see in the screenshot, i have feeds from FSFE open and in that are various other feeds to see.
has anyone also noticed such behavior?


yes, didnt happen for a few days now though after i exported all my feeds, and to the best of my ability reset akregator completely, and then imported the feeds


i don’t know what the problem is. i will try your suggestion. this is probably the easiest solution. did you import the feeds as an opml file or add them all again individually?


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thank you , I will see if it helped

Cleaned up Akregator.

  • Export my feeds as an opml file,

  • All files deleted on ~/local/share/Akregator

  • Import opml file.

it looks like everything works again


something is going mighty wrong with akregator. on all my computers, laptop and desktop pc, the same erroneous behavior appears. on the laptop akregator has been installed for 2 days. i don’t know what to do

I know this is OT and not a solution to your issue with Akregator but, personally, I have been frustrated/disappointed with quite some standalone RSS apps that I have tried for one or other reason and at some or other point in time.

Nowadays, I use an addon on a Firefox profile just intended for RSS feeds and it works fine for me:

Sorry for the OT :blush:

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no need for sorry, everything helped :wink:

i actually wanted to retrieve my rss feeds in an external program. it’s really frustrating when the feeds show up in another feed. but it must be akregator because the error also shows up on my laptop.
anyway thanks a lot for your thoughts!

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i have now installed the addon in my normal firefox profile. looks good. own firefox profile as rss feed. this is a very elegant solution

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OFF Topic:

Im going to try rssguard. integrates well into plasma with a qt5 surface.
first on my laptop. should it satisfy me i will use it as default rss feedreader

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I have now rearranged the feeds once again.
the feeds are now directly in the news sources directory.
since 4 days i have a correct display again. maybe it helps others too


i will continue to watch it. maybe this is the solution for me


Still no solution :frowning:

I have switched off the adblocker. The display was fine for days.
On the bugs.kde page you can see that I am not the only one who has problems with akregator. let’s see how it develops further. i’ll stay tuned to what’s happening :wink:

liferea works pretty well on plasma as well, from memory i dont think it pulls many dependencies

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I tried rssguard. its pretty comfortable on plasma with qt5 interface.
I know liferea from my gnome experience years ago

After the latest big update everything works flawless.

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