Akonadi fails to start - KDE

Fresh install today of KDE EOS latest and Akonadi fails to start.
knotes/kmail etc… can’t be used.
Just run the two command lines below and you should be good to go.
mv ~/.local/share/akonadi/db_data ~/.local/share/akonadi/db_data.bak
akonadictl start
Issue appeared to be mariadb related where it failed to start everytime.
Hope this help. Took me a while before I could figure it out …

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What are the implications of doing this? Does it remove your locally stored data?

yes. Sorry forgot to mentionned. Be very carefull…
I did not mind as Fresh install …

Happened again with latest update. Moving the db_data out of the way solved the issue but its starting to be troublesome. Do we know what is the real cause behind it ?
To be more precise, the exact error “unknown/unsupported storage engine: innodb” is also an issue.
Its a bit confusing as far as what is the cause of the issue here. I am now very afraid of running any update/upgrade of anything !!