Airpods connection tuto

Hey everyone,

for new user or for user with no memory like me (who spend 30min to recover the same info every time…), to connect your Airpods (Pro, max, normal and so on) you must open the bluetooth main.conf file with the command:

sudo vi /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

and modify the line :

ControllerMode = dual


ControllerMode = bredr

Restart your bluetooth, open the Airpods box, keep the button behind for 5 seconds then search for new device on the bluetooth panel and then click connect !

Enjoy ! :grinning:

Surely the leading # makes the line a comment (normal conventions). You could put:

#ControllerMode = elephant

and it would make no difference :rofl:


Oups, I don’t see the mistake, thanks !
Post edited !

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