After updating and rebooting i'm stuck on "A start job is running for..." indefinitely

Are you using the standard arch kernel, LTS, Zen, or something else? Have you tried booting in fallback kernel version to see if that makes a difference?

Boot to the EnOS ISO and check your system’s partitions configured in /etc/fstab.
Find the one with the UUID shown in the posted image. If it is not important, disable the entry in fstab.
If it is critical (root, home, etc.), maybe the disk is failing, or has problems. In this case, you might try to fix it with fsck (man fsck) or other utility.

Or try the /dev/sdX syntax

Do you happen to be running nVidia or hybrid graphics card?

I had that problem for a bit, it would eventually load, but we are talking on the 10 minute range.