After today's update: Lutris - lutris no module named 'certifi'

After doing my ‘morning’ update, lutris refused to run (it ran fine yesterday). Trying to run it from a terminal it said: blah-blah, no module named ‘certifi’.

Anyhow, just in case there’s anyone else with this, the fix is easy to find, I needed (thanks ErichRitz github) the certifi python3 module:
(Why didn’t I need it yesterday, what did the updates do, why?)

And… I needed pip. So the full fix was:
sudo pacman -Sy python-pip
pip install certifi

And lutris is working again.
I’m still curious about what today’s EOS pacman -Syu updates did to ‘certifi’, seems rough.

Get back anytime, cheerio,

already made a bug report yesterday:

you don’t need pip. You can simply install python-certifi directly with pacman.

Yeah use pacman, agree.

Last two updates have not wanted to go cause I had certifi installed (I must have done a sudo pip I think, which the red text I got said not to). So I needed to do:

sudo pip uninstall certifi
sudo pacman -Syu

And the updates proceeded, and all was well (including lutris).