After new pc build, cannot boot into EndeavourOS

Hello! Im somewhat new to linux, been using it as a daily driver for 1-2 months, and i recently upgraded my entire pc, am4 to am5. When first starting it, it seems that the linux boot manager got replaced by the windows one. I tried fixing this, chroot-ing and doing reinstall-kernels and bootctl --install. It created a linux boot manager sure, but its plastered as arch, where the default endeavour bootloader would say endeavourOS. Not only that, when i try to boot with it, it looks like its loading as normal and then my dp gets no signal. I dont have backups of my drive, though I should had, and im just wondering if im too deep or if this is recoverable.

can you tells us

  • model motherboard
  • video card
  • cpu

mobo is b650m pg riptide wifi
gpu is 7800xt
cpu is 7600x

Are you booting on the same install from the previous hardware?

Currently testing on the new hardware. The install was made on the old hardware, a ryzen 5 1400.

I think you will run into issues with the new hardware trying to boot on an install with older hardware. Do you have another drive that you could use and install with on the new hardware?

Edit: Does the new hardware boot on the current live ISO?

Yes, a live usb on the new hardware boots.

Well then it’s probably caused by booting on the old drive as installed with the older hardware which may be causing it. The motherboard, processor, video card and ram are quite different than the other hardware it replaced.

Yeah, thats what im thinking. Is there any way to get back the systemd bootloader?

I’m not sure as i am not well versed with systemd-boot. Maybe it’s using the wrong path? There is /efi and there is /boot/efi as an example.

followed a couple articles, got it working. Thanks for the help here!

Did it end up being systemd-boot messed up?

you have to check about bios setting and Try to check about secure boot is on or off
and better to reinstall again the system