After KDE Framework 5.113 updates some menu in welcome app missing (e.g Software News, Don't Show again and others on bottom on welcome app is missing)

Recently after i got KDE Framework 5.113 updates suddenly KDE Plasma 5.27.10 logged out automatically during pacman post installation. After i sign in back i noticed some menu on bottom of Welcome App (e.g Software News, Don’t Show Again and others) is missing. I’m not sure is bug or not i attached a screenshot below

Maybe Welcome app need bug fixed? :thinking:

Thanks for the report!

As visible in your picture, your internet connection is not working, and some buttons are thus hidden.

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After updating and re-login i can not confirm. Everything as expected


Ah i see. I’ve checked once again everything as expected.

Since yesterday it seems my internet connection is unreliable.

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