After installation Gnome Endeavour OS the welcome screen language is different

I have recently installed Gnome version of endeavour OS in virtual box after installation everything is working fine but the welcome window is opening in another language. Need help to fix it.

Welcome supports a limited set of languages. You can see them with command

ls -1 /usr/share/endeavouros/scripts/translation-*

where, for example, line


means the German language (see the -de) near the right side of the line, it means language id de.

To select any of the languages for welcome, you can use command

eos-welcome --once --lang=<language-id>

Tip: to help with a long command line, write an alias into your ~/.bashrc file:

alias welcome='eos-welcome --once --lang=<language-id>'

where you replace the <language-id> with the desired language id.


alias welcome='eos-welcome --once --lang=de'

Then you can simply use command welcome on the command line.

To create a launcher icon, you can also write a .desktop file into
and use the same command as above on the Exec= line.