After endeavouros, I like Kali rolling release

After trying out other rolling release distros to triple boot with windows and endeavouros, I settled with Kali rollng ielease bare-bones install (gnome) without the secuirity apps.
Personally, endeavouros is better but I think Kali is also good (Debian based, and easier to install and less bloated than Tumbleweed and Solus).
Of course, these are based on my personal opinion.

Yeah EndeavourOS is better! I tested Kali a long time ago, and it was OK… But after all other distros I have tried since waaay back in Mandrake Linux days EndeavourOS is the best Linux distro I have tried.

I’m by no means an Expert or even an advanced user, I just try out Linux true out the years in the hop that I find some distro to settle on, witch is EndeavourOS.

solus and bloated are two words together I’ve never heard uttered by anyone, anywhere, at any time.