Aesthetics, application themes and visuals on Gnome Wayland

I wanna ask to those who have been using Gnome Wayland for a while now, based on your list of installed applications, are there lot of them that broke the ‘aesthetic’ (that you’ve set based on your theme) because Gnome did not want to support SSD, and the application’s developers simply don’t bother with Gnome’s stubbornness. I’m referring to this dreaded issue.

I’ve been kept from using Wayland for a while now because of this reason. For example, I like using Alacritty as my main terminal emulator, and having a simple white top bar with a rudimentary ‘X’ symbol is very jarring to look at, especially when it didn’t match the dark mode theme. This is quite frustrating, since the terminal that looked “out of place” would usually be what I’ll be staring at the most on the system. Another terminal (eg. Kitty, another GPU accelerated terminal that I’ve tried) also have rudimentary CSD window applied, without even the top bar or close button. And no, I refused to use Gnome terminal when they don’t even support background transparency feature by default, which I believed was removed.

Now I wonder how many more apps that didn’t have the correct window decoration in Gnome Wayland, and have your themes’ aesthetics broken.

Have you tried KDE Plasma? :rofl:

We don’t have such issues here.


You just have different issues :wink: :rofl:

it all fun :innocent: