Adwaita Icons in Plasma settings

When I just looked into my Settings > Appearance > Icons, I noticed that besides Breeze and Breeze Dark, the Adwaita Icon Theme is also installed there. For sure I did NOT install this myself! I also have no GNOME programs installed other than Firefox and GIMP that it could be a dependency of. How did this get there? The Ghost in the Shell?

And can I delete it without damaging anything?

You can find out for sure with

pactree -r adwaita-icon-theme

However, I think it is a dependency of gtk3.

So you would probably have to remove all your gtk applications to get rid of it.

│ └─firefox-i18n-de
│ └─gvfs
│   ├─gimp
│   └─gvfs-mtp
│ └─yad-eos
│   ├─eos-apps-info
│   └─eos-bash-shared
│     ├─akm
│     ├─eos-log-tool
│     ├─eos-rankmirrors
│     ├─eos-update-notifier
│     ├─reflector-simple
│     └─welcome
│ └─pavucontrol
│ ├─meld
│ └─yad-eos
│ └─xapp
│   └─timeshift
│ └─xapp
│ └─timeshift
│ └─yad-eos

That’s a lot of dependencies, isn’t it?

Yep. You should probably just hang onto those icons. :sweat_smile:


I just thought so too …

thx @dalto

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