Adwaita "Darker" theme variant?

Hi. I would love to have a mixed-up theme variant between “Adwaita” and “Adwaita-dark” that means the basic light theme “Adwaita” but with a dark window title bar as in “Adwaita-dark” (pretty much like the 3rd theme variant of the “Arc” theme named “Arc darker”, for those who know it).

After some research I found an issue in Gnome Gitlab containing exactly this request. Unfortunately the issue has been closed without any result :sob:

So guys: is there anybody out there who already did this and can provide a solution?

Otherwise I will have to dive into the Adwaita theme myself…


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One of the reasons I gave up on Gnome (both Cinnamon and XFCE allow separate theming for titlebars). However, from the time I use Gnome, I could always find something usable on - and it will still probably take less time than modifying the theme yourself - depending on your theme experience of course! There isn’t much that hasn’t been done before - it is just finding it!

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Tryout community/materia-gtk-theme (Materia or Materia-compact)

Thank you @Mikro

Yeah, this comes close :+1: Though it’s not Adwaita :wink: