Advice on the current Beta release

Hello Bryan how are you, consult, when downloading the beta, to continue with it is automatically updated to the stable of day 15 that is its launch?, The other, comes with pamas aur and installer packages ?.
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Hi @fran52,
Welcome on the forum first of all. The system is a rolling release, so once installed te system keeps up to date and it doesn’t matter when the system is installed. In a matter of days, our next Beta will be launched, so my advice would be to wait for that one since it’s closer to the stable release.

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ahh… first sign of a new Beta release!
Have been checking daily for one, while marking days off until the first release (I know July 15 is the target date, but still allow for necessary additional days due to limited manpower/time for development.) Perhaps a last call out on the Antergos forum for talented help?


When I take a quick look at the forum members over here, I think a very large part of the Antergos community joined us already.:wink: