Advice on installing .tar.gz

I found and installed this package via yay and AUR.
However if there’s a .tar.gz package like the one on this page (scroll to the linux downloader)
What would be the way to install it on EOS?

There is no universal answer to that question. A tar.gz can have more or less anything in it.

In that particular case, it looks like you can just unpack it to a folder in your home directory and run it from there.

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I just couldn’t find an install script so wasn’t sure.
Thanks @dalto

Because it is a java tool, you could indeed just extract the content and run it directly from a terminal.

java -jar pdfsam-basic-4.2.7.jar

The version from AUR works just fine. No need to use the archive.

thank you.
yeah I didn’t know how to run it.
But the AUR seems to work.

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Indeed. One of the first tools I install after OS installation. :wink:

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