Advice: Best Podcast & Music Client

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a Podcast & Music client? I was previously using Clementine and could hook into some internet radio streams and create custom streams for other stations.

Should I stay with Clementine or any other recommendations?

I am using Cantata as my main Musicplayer. Sometimes i switch to Strawberry.
For my main Podcast collection with downloadfunction i use GPodder.
There are many other so its up to you what are you using. You will surely get some more suggestions

I like quodlibet because it provides an easy interface for editing music tags (like Ex Falso). It’s basically Ex Falso that also plays music.

P.S: Don’t worry. It doesn’t explode. :wink:

P.P.S: In hindsight, I’m not sure many would get that one.


In Cantata you have something similar like an Tag Editor. Mostly i use for tagging my Music EasyTag. Somehow I never got along with Ex Falso. But if you think about it, having a built-in tageditor does the trick :wink:

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Best I don’t know but one which seems to meet your needs: Rhytmbox

Just installed Kasts for Plasma. Same as GPodder but for Plasma

Thanks all, I’m going to try out each one and see how I get along :smile:

Checking out screenshots of each Cantata seems very similar to Clementine but with an itunes skin :grinning: Much better interface overall.

I’m not sure if any of the recommendations have this but one really cool thing Clementine has is a mobile app so that you can remotely control your PC playlists. Functionality was limited but it was great to be able to swap tracks, Play/Stop/Pause, volume.
Granted I didn’t use the feature that much, since I’m usually sitting at the computer I’m listening to. :grin:

I am sure you are making the right decision for you.
As far as I know, strawberry is the successor to clementine since it is no longer being developed.

You mentioned Strawberry in an earlier post but I didn’t realize it was a Clementine successor, thanks for that. :slight_smile:

That’s definitely one thing that bothered me during my initial google search, so many apps were no longer under development. I appreciate all the feedback.

I use MusicBee in WINE for my music library and it also supports the downloadable-type/RSS podcasts. It seems like you want internet radio more though, which MusicBee also supports but I’ve not tested it in WINE.

You might want to have a look at Quod Libet. The UI isn’t the prettiest but it’s a neat and pretty powerful music library manager, and it supports internet radio.

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Finally a fellow quod libet user!

I use Deadbeef for music, Radiotray-ng for internet radios and if I listened to podcasts, I guess I’d use a dedicated application.