Advanced keyboard settings not fully applying

Howdy! I’m having trouble with keyboard settings in plasma 5.22.5. I use a daskeyboard 4 for Mac, and with most environments I’m able to set the “left alt is swapped with left win” option in the advanced settings to get it to work closer to a standard keyboard. In plasma, however, that only partially works. For opening the start menu with super, for example, it switches over perfectly, but for other shortcuts it does nothing at all. Alt+Tab doesn’t work (even after rebinding) and custom workspace switching hotkeys on Alt+[Number] also don’t work. What’s strange is that when I input them into the shortcut settings, it’ll detect the key correctly…it just won’t trigger in actual usage. Any ideas for what to do?

After a fresh install a few days ago, it seems to be working as intended. Given that this happened on other new installs when Plasma was not the first environment I used, my best guess is that configs left over from other desktop environments interfere and make a big mess.

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