Advanced fetch system information tool

i did make a system information tool is made in bash
currently it doesn’t support ascii logo for EndeavourOS but it will at some point

try it here:


There are so many fetches. screenfetch, afetch, fastfetch, lobsterfetch, whateverfetch, and the all known forever fetch, neofetch.


what should i rename to

Nothing in particular, I’m just saying there’s a whole bundle of them.

What makes your different and/or better than what is already available?


the irony is inxi is much better than all the fetches combined but its ugly and no one likes to use it but me.
inxi -CDGmrS --verbosity 1
and that’s just scratching the surface.

this has been dude’s opinion, man.

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i wanted something Suitable for users who prefer or need a custom-built solution tailored to their specific requirements, with the flexibility to modify the script directly. Also The my bash script is more lightweight compared to Neofetch in terms of memory usage and disk space, as it includes only the necessary functionality and has no additional dependencies. This makes the custom script an ideal choice for users who need a minimal and efficient solution for displaying system information.

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the problem is that inxi is archived same with neofetch

I think you should break the mold and name it disco-lemonade or something flashy. set it apart. not using an ascii of the Distro is punk rock enough. force every user to see a purple tusked elephant.
Be bold–incorporate hardware elements like temp, fan speed. aim to replace conky–it’s time is over. maybe a social media element. A fortune from a fortune cookies. even an assessment on firewall strength ('adeqaute, poor, strong etc).
I’ve re-read myself twice and realized I am serious and not kidding. If you are going to throw your hat in then go all the way.


what about name it

1 sys (system)
2 si (system information)
3 sysi (system information)
4 syi
5 sysinfo

you are right

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i did read what you said and i like it and i will do my best to do so

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i think sysi sound funny

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sysi is funny agreed

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ok we have name and what about the ascii should i delete it or make two versions

I leave the artistic decisions to you my friend. Be different. Use your humor. Your creation will be great.

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name proposal: ‘wat da bash doin?’

honestly I like it being a bash script. It’s very simple and the layout is nice (if a little busy). Just tried on my system, df commands gave errors on a few lines and the ascii didn’t show


i mean the ascii is taking too much space i thing i should make one funny one

i think is fixed because i had same issue


 Operating System: EndeavourOS
  host:  zdislav
 Kernel Name: Linux
 Kernel Version: 6.9.4-arch1-1
 Kernel Release: #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Wed, 12 Jun 2024 20:17:17 +0000
 Kernel Architecture: x86_64
 Uptime:  03:19:28 up 33 min,  1 user,  load average: 1.87, 1.44, 1.37
 Packages: 879
 Shell: /bin/bash
 Resolution: 1920x1080
 Machine Hardware Platform: unknown
 Processor Type: unknown
 CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) N4020 CPU @ 1.10GHz
 GPU: Intel Corporation GeminiLake 
 Memory: 2.4G / 8.1G
 Swap: 0B / 9.4G
 Disk Usage: 15G/907G (2% used)
 Clock/Time: 2024-06-16 03:19:29
 BATTERY:    state:               discharging
    percentage:          9%
 Mounted Drive/Drives:
      Filesystem                     Size       Used       Use%      
      /dev/sda2                      907G       15G        2%        
      devtmpfs                       4.0M       0          0%        
      tmpfs                          3.8G       0          0%        
      efivarfs                       128K       72K        59%       
      tmpfs                          1.6G       1.5M       1%        
      tmpfs                          3.8G       8.0K       1%        
      /dev/sda1                      1022M      90M        9%        
      tmpfs                          777M       72K        1%        

GTK Theme: 'Tokyonight-Dark-BL-LB'
Icon Theme: 'Adwaita'
Cursor Theme: 'elementary'

i have idea what about displaying ascii animation

I don’t know, but does it really need to be? OP seems to be 16, by his own admission. He was messing around with this and probably learned something, put it on GitHub and shared it here. I think if he learned something from it and had fun making it, that’s plenty. There are already better solutions to displaying system information in a terminal, as you said, so one doesn’t need to go all in or whatever.