Adding GPS Coordinates and Date of Recording to Metadata: Simple Methods for JPGs and DNG Files

Hello guys,

I have an action cam that I use when I am cycling. It is small, has a 1-inch sensor, and records photos in DNG (raw) format as well.

Now, I would like to add GPS coordinates to the JPG and DNG files in the metadata.

The easiest way I have found is to use Geosetter on Windows. Geosetter sets the GPS coordinates based on the date and time the photo was taken and the GPX track. It works fine out of the box for JPG files. However, for DNG (raw) files, you need to set the date and time manually. After doing that, Geosetter automatically sets the GPS coordinates for as many files as you like.

Now, I am looking for an easy way to do this on EOS. I would appreciate it if someone could provide a tip on how to set the date, time, and coordinates on EOS easily.

Thank you!

Not exactly my area, but just had a look: exiftool might do what you have in mind.

Have a look at its man page:

Looks like there is a GUI front end for it as well in AUR (though flagged out-of-date):

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I just had the idea to ask ChatGPT. ExifTool is also suggested by ChatGPT. Is seems to be quite easy but If one is not very confident with the command line, they might hesitate to approach it. Having a GUI would be great.

  1. Make sure you have ExifTool installed on your Arch Linux or EndeavourOS system. If it’s not installed, you can install it with the following command:
sudo pacman -S perl-image-exiftool
  1. Navigate to the directory in the terminal that contains the specific file.
  2. Use the following command:

To set the capture date:

exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal<FileModifyDate" *.dng

add gps coordinates:

exiftool -geotag GPX-filename.gpx *.jpg *.dng