Adding bluez-utils to Cinnamon download

Hello! I just gave Cinnamon a go last night and when I went to connect my mouse, I came across something suspicious that bluetoothctl. . . didn’t do anything. I realized that bluez-utils was not installed by default. I know we’re trying to be light (and I really appreciate that) but it certainly threw me for a loop. I didn’t know if it was meant to be left out, or if there was an error on install. It seems like a pretty basic package, and thought it should be brought to someone’s attention since Cinnamon isn’t really the big happening distro anymore.

Also, if it’s left out intentionally, just disregard this in entirety. I don’t know anything about creating a distro. I leave that to the experts.

there is a button…
As we do not enable BT per default for security reason we also do not install the BT stack per default…

Oof. I didn’t even see the “add more apps button.” Please feel free to delete this and free up the bandwidth then. I’m just an idiot. Thanks!

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no regrets… it says also xfce but buttons will work for all gtk based DE’s and you need also to enable BT:

sudo systemctl enable bluetooth <-- if you want it starting automatic on every boot
sudo systemctl start bluetooth <-- to start it directly without reboot, will be running till next shutdown/reboot

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I’m up and running :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Don’t forget on Cinnamon to go into effects in start menu and turn off Window effects. Otherwise you will get transparency with the welcome screen when you mouse over it.

Everything else so far seems to work. Beautiful and simple. I’ll run this for a little while. It makes me feel 10 years younger.

Cinnamon is actually very good. You can also right click on the show desktop icon and set the setting to show desktop when you hover over the icon. I forget what it’s called exactly? If it isn’t on the task bar by the start menu then you can add it from applets and also add the user applet. There are some setting for the task bar also to size it and icon size if you right click on it near the right side before the icons.

It’s what got me into Linux really. I tried Ubuntu back when it was unity, and that was a steaming pile of animal excrement. I then tried Linux Mint, and the whole world was right again. I probably would have never kept going if Mint had also been terrible. And look how far I’ve come now - I’ve found the end of the internet!

Nothing wrong with Linux Mint Cinnamon but on Arch it just makes it that much better because it’s more updated rolling release so it’s cinnamon with a twist!

Yes there is. I hate ppa’s and apt. I will never sudo apt-get install ppa:thisthingneverworks again.

I like debian packages because they are easy to install. That’s the only good part. I just don’t like Ubuntu! So Linux Mint now has Debian version and i like Debian but too far behind. I’m not an lts kernel user. I like rolling release updated kernels or zen. I like Arch because i can easily get the software i want. Although I never had any problem with Mint as i could get all the same installed no problem.

Honestly, I never truly understood Linux until I started using Arch + Arch based distros. And now I’m complacent and lazy. I totally agree with your sentiments on Microbuntu.