Adding bash-completion to give more power to bash?


As I’m testing git based build, I wonder if it can be possible to give more power to bash with bash-completion? Without this package, bash is crippled… Tabulation key power, I mean :smiley:

It is a really light package, something less than 200 Kb… Won’t make a big difference for new release ISO I think!


You hit the nail in the head. Whenever I use the terminal and TAB doesn’t automatically complete, it gives me migraine.
Just a muscle memory, can’t live with it. To some dyslexic people, this is a life saving nifty trick.


It’s being installed already, but as we can see is not working. Not sure if needs to be sourced to bashrc file or something else.

[liveuser@archiso ~]$ pacman -Ss bash-completion
extra/bash-completion 2.9-1 [installed]

Not in net-install, but I will talk about this in moderator section. I forgot to add this. My bad :frowning: