Adding 4.1 channel surround setting to sound setup?

I’ve done quite some searching on this topic.
Is there a way to add a general configuration to the sound system (pipewire), so I am able to choose something like Digital Surround 4.1 (HDMI) in pavucontrol configuration tab?
The only 2 options I have, are Stereo and Digital Surround 5.1 (HDMI). I am using a soundbar (front left+front right+Subwoofer). I extended this setup with a unit containing 2 rear speakers.
As I do have 4 speakers, Stereo is not sufficient. When setting up Digital Surround 5.1 (HDMI) a lot of the sound normally coming from the front centre speaker is missing (e.g. voices when watching movies). Kodi and Smplayer allow setting up a 4.1 channel profile, and at least using those programs audio works fine. I definitely would prefer using a correct profile, so all programs can use the hardware appropriately.

I’ve been looking for changes to be made to the different phonon backends (gstreamer, mpv, vlc) but couldn’t find a solution.