Add terminal to panel with command already inputted

I have endeavouros xfce installed on one pc and it has a terminal pinned to the desktop panel with the input already entered, eg when I click to open the terminal it opens with ‘glances’.

I’ve been trying to do the same on another pc with the same OS, how can I pin a terminal with the command already entered?

Simply add a new launcher to your panel with the following specifications:

Name: System Monitor
Comment: System Monitor - Glances
Command: xfce4-terminal -e "glances --percpu"
Icon: utilities-system-monitor
check Options: Use startup notification

  1. Right click on panel > Panel > + Add New Items… > Launcher > + Add
  2. Right click on new Launcher > Properties > Add new Launcher with ‘+’ and edit as shown above
  3. Right click on new Launcher > Move … to desired place on panel

Thank you very much, I couldn’t find how to do this anywhere else.

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