Add Remove Software Tab

I am running the latest version of Endeavour OS but I don’t see the “Add Remove Software Tab”.
What is the remedy to correct this flaw?

Learning how to use an Arch-based distro??


We are a terminal centric distro are we not?


It isn’t a flaw it is done by design. While you are free to install graphical package management tools if you wish, by default EndeavourOS does not come pre-installed with one as it is a terminal-centric distro.

Please be aware that this package is regularly broken on Arch-based distros since it targets the Manjaro repos.

It seems like a much better answer than “run this command which installs something that breaks on a regular basis” without any explanation.

Also. please don’t attack people who have an opinion that differs from your own. It is great that there are people with varying opinions on every subject and the OP gets to read them all and decide for themselves what the best course of action is.



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Like I said, everyone has a different opinion.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that pamac is sometimes broken which is very frustrating for people who rely on it. A quick search of the forum would yield many topics about this.

Again, lots of people use it anyway but I think it is fair to point out that it won’t consistently work outside of Manjaro if you are recommending it. Sometimes, going in with the proper expectations is the key to success. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mines right here …i add it! :wink:

This is not a flaw. I love the fact there is no stinkin’ “Add Remove Software Tab”.

In fact, in the extremely unlikely case we ever do get an “Add Remove Software Tab” on EndeavourOS by default, I am leaving it for good, out of principle. Even though I could easily remove the offending package myself, I would employ a more drastic approach: I would remove it by deleting my entire EndeavourOS partition and installing a different distro. You gotta draw the line somewhere… :rofl:

Not that this is ever going to happen, EndeavourOS is a great distro.


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yay -S pamac

I use #4 pamac-aur-git

Yes once in a while it gets broken but i deal with it! Not an issue. If i have to i switch until it’s fixed and then i would come back to it because i like the way it works and I’m used to it as opposed to others.

Edit: My view is i don’t think it should be included on EOS. It’'s just something i install after the fact with yay and i use it occasionally for my own purposes. I mostly use pacman and yay.

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You can also install it with yay -S pamac-aur-git. The thing with pamac is you have to know the name of the packages so using just yay -S pamac brings up a list and you choose. This is handy if you don’t know the actual name. You can do this with others as well.

That only works because all those packages provide pamac.

If you want to do it on a more general basis you should do it without the -S. yay whatever will return a list of all the packages with “whatever” in the name or description and let you choose the ones you want to install.

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Sorry…that’s what i menat to sya but i put -S in there. :grimacing:

Edit: Should have been yay pamac

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